Alvin and Lill have lived at the farm for 25 years. This would be considered a hobby farm by most.  As children, Alvin was raised in an Amish home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Lill grew up in a Mennonite home in Ohio.  Interestingly enough we have discovered that we both "caught " the school bus off Highway 30 as elementary students.

Alvin and his family, parents and 5 siblings  moved to South Carolina when he was 11 by train. They first moved to Bamberg, but they eventually bought a farm in Blackville which is part of the land he owns today.  Meanwhile, Lill grew up in the Dalton, Ohio area.  Her parents owned and operated her grandparent's farm.  Lill discovered her love for travel with her parents as they made many vacation trips to family members and friends homes all over the USA and Canada.  As a teenager she went on several small mission trips and also worked at Mountain View Nursing Home in Virginia.  Alvin also helped out some at the nursing home which is where the two of them met.  They are the parents of 1 child who is married and lives just around the corner from the cottage.  They were thrilled to welcome their first grandchild in September 2008.

Alvin is an avid deer hunter, but mostly he enjoys being out in the woods to watch the wildlife around us.  It is he that sees the deer first, the wood duck's nest, a hawk killing a duck in flight, bluebirds returning, etc. and shares it with the rest of us.  He is the one who gets to milk Butter Cup every night and tend the beef cows roaming around the pasture.  Lill spends her time helping out tutoring students and teaching art at the small private Mennonite school, also tending the many flowers and herbs on the property.  She also enjoys working at Miller's Bread Basket in Blackville. 

We have traveled many places since we married and have seen lots of beautiful sights and have been pampered. We realize how much good it does a person to just get away awhile. So it is our desire that you could come here and enjoy the beauty of God's nature and the restful surroundings and be rested and pampered also.  We also welcome groups that want a unique experience for a tea party or tour to learn more about herbs and their uses.  Fresh flowers and herbs are available in season for picking to use in your creations.